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14th Maple Bear Convention


Maple Bear

Annual Convention

May 17th to 20th

Another edition of Maple Bear's famous Annual Convention is coming!

More than updates on the news information and initiatives about Maple Bear, it is the moment when schools all around the world can get to know each other and exchange experiences and best practices of the best education in the world.

Educators at the Core! Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this great event in person and still enjoy the entire structure of a beautiful place, with many leisure options and a breathtaking view.

To keep you up to speed, this site will share all the information you need about the 14th Maple Bear Annual Conventiont.

More updates coming soon!




Praia do Forte

Prior schedule

May 17th

Check-in | Owners Integration | Business Round Table | Welcome Cocktail

May 18th

Event Contents | Free Time - Friendship & Fun

May 19th

Event Contents | Free Time - Friendship & Fun | Maple Party

May 20th

Event Contents | Check-out

Av. do Farol, 39 – Açu da Torre, Mata de São João – Bahia



Per person / single accommodation

R$ 5.075,00


Per person / double accommodation

R$ 3.462,50


Per person / triple accommodation

R$ 2.938,00

Subscriptions are closed!

The RSVP agency will contact all registrants to confirm details and payment information.

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Educators at the CORE!

14th Maple Bear Annual Convention Educators at the CORE

Maple Bear’s greatest strength is the Academic Core. We are thinking about our core, this is why our annual convention is focus on our Educators.

A great opportunity for all Maple Bear school owners around the world to share experiences, learn the latest news, and of course, celebrate.

We are Canada, We are Maple Bear, We are Global.


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