Andre Migliari | Operations Coordinator

Postgraduate in People Management from PUC, at Maple Bear since 2017, he works as Operations Coordinator at Maple Bear Brasil. More than 20 years of market experience in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Franchising.

André Quintela | CEO of Maple Bear Latin America

CEO Maple Bear Latin America. Administrator, Maple Bear father and passionate about education. MBA in business management, innovation and digital. More than 22 years of experience in various sectors and more than 10 years of experience with franchising and education.

Arno Krug | CEO of Maple Bear Global Schools

He has a law degree and he is a specialist in Disruptive Strategies – Harvard Business School, Specialist in Business Administration – UFSC, an MBA in Logistics – FAE Business School and an MBA in Franchising – FEA/USP. He has more than 20 years of experience in multinationals such as Ambev and PEARSON, and currently serves as CEO of Maple Bear Global Schools.

Brad Burns | Director of Program and Innovation

Bradford Burns has been an educator for more than 30 years. The majority of his career has been spent working in bilingual education (French Immersion) as a teacher and a school principal in the province of Manitoba. His experience includes leadership positions at elementary, middle, and high school. Brad has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Masters in School Administration. He is also fluent in English and French.


Volleyball coach and former player, economist, businessman and professor of entrepreneurship. As a coach, Bernardinho is one of the greatest champions in volleyball history, accumulating more than thirty important titles in 22 years of career directing the Brazilian women’s and men’s teams Bernardinho is also author of two books: “Bernardinho – letters to a young athlete”, and “Transforming sweat into gold”. As a businessman, he has several successful ventures and social projects such as the Instituto Partilhar, which aims to develop young people from needy communities through sport, as well as the Bernardinho Volleyball School – which encourages the practice of children’s volleyball with fundamental values for the formation of a citizen.

Camila Blanco | Educational Product Manager

Educational product manager of Maple Bear Brasil, baccalaureate and Master degree in Language Arts by University of São Paulo (USP). Student at the Post-Baccalaureat in Education by University of Winnipeg. More than 15 years of editorial experience in the biggest Brazilian publishing houses. Passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, lifelong learner, active listener and reader in love with Maple Bear methodology.

Chaim Zaher | President, Grupo SEB

Born in Lebanon, Chaim Zaher came to Brazil as a child and settled with his family in Araçatuba, in the interior of São Paulo. He is a businessman, founder and president of the largest educational group in the country, Sistema Educacional Brasileiro (SEB), owner of schools such as Pueri Domus, Concept, Luminova, AZ, in addition to the franchise network of the Canadian bilingual school Maple Bear. He is also responsible for the creation of Conexia, a solutions hub focused on education for the future, and for the foundation of the SEB Institute, which provides services to children in vulnerable situations.

Clayton Negri | Head of Expansion

Head of Expansion, responsible for the Expansion and Real State areas. Executive with a degree in Marketing and an MBA in Business Management from FGV. 26 years of experience in the areas of Commercial Management, Operations, Strategic Planning, People, Processes and Marketing in companies such as Cia Hering, Grupo Malwee, Grupo Ú, Portobello Grupo and Grupo SEB.

Dov Bercovici | President & CEO, Discovery Centre

A 30-year successful track record as a leader in three outstanding organizations: World Trade Centre Atlantic, Acadia University, and Discovery Centre International. Highly experienced in advancing STEM education, innovation hubs, major community capital projects, fundraising and international trade. Four-time TOP 50 CEO in Atlantic Canada. Honorary Life Member, Canadian Association of Science Centres. One of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Alumni and an economics and MBA graduate of McGill and Dalhousie universities. Dov is attracted to projects that empower children with science savvy and make informal continuous learning accessible for all global citizens.

Fabio Scarella | Specialist in Market Intelligence

Specialist in Market Intelligence with a focus on Expansion and Operations, he has more than 10 years of experience in the area, 8 of them in the education area. Graduated in Computer Science and Data Processing, he has worked at American Express, Burger King, Pearson, Full Sail University and RedZero.

Jessica Sbroglia

Social Scientist with ten years of experience in qualitative research. Experience in leading teams, managing tools, and developing new partnerships. Specialized in the management, monitoring & evaluation of social programs for public, private, and third sector organizations.

Luigi Iannacci

Professor in the School of Education and Professional Learning at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Teaches and coordinates courses that focus on language and literacy and special needs learners.His research interests and publications are focussed on first and second language, literacy learning, critical multiculturalism, critical dis/ability studies, early childhood education, critical narrative research and ethics. He is the past president of LLRC (Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada) and ISEB (International Society for Educational Biography).

Luiz Felipe Pondé

Born in the city of Recife, Pernambuco, in 1959. He studied medicine graduating at UFBA-Federal University of Bahia. studied philosophy at USP and a doctorate from the same institution in partnership with the University of Paris-VIII. He received a postdoctoral degree from Tel Aviv University. He has a column in Folha de São Paulo. He is also the author of: “The Insufficient Man: Comments on Pascalian Psychology” (2001), “Criticism and Prophecy: Philosophy of Religion in Dostoevsky” (2003), “Knowledge in Disgrace: Essay on Epistemology Pascaliana“ (2004), “Of Thought in the Desert: An Essay on Philosophy, Theology and Literature” (2009), “Against a Better World: Essays on Affection” (2010) and “Catholicism Today” (2011).

Luiz Pereira | Academic Manager

Academic Manager for Maple Bear Latam, Luiz is a passionate lifelong learner with a background in Education and Book Publishing. He holds a BA in Language and Literature from the Universidade de São Paulo, an MBA in Educational Resources from the Instituto Singularidades, and is about to finish his Post Bac in Education from the University of Winnipeg. He has been working in curriculum and editorial development aiming at success for all students.

Michelle Tice | Vice-President, Global Communications

Michelle Tice holds a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Canada’s prestigious Ivey Business School at Western University. Michelle has over 25 years of broad-ranging communications, marketing and sales experience in corporate, education, non-profit and entrepreneurial environments.

Monique Paiola | Operations Head

Franchise Director at Maple Bear Brasil, responsible for the Implementation, Service and Operations areas. Business administrator with a postgraduate degree in Strategic Business Management from Mackenzie. Specialist in network management with 10 years of experience in Franchising.

Natália Gomes | Academic Coordinator

Academic Coordinator for Maple Bear Latam. Holds degrees in History and Pedagogy from the Universidade de São Paulo and a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Education from the University of Winnipeg. Passionate educator, former classroom teacher and school coordinator.

Oscar de Rooij | Digital Transformation Manager

As Digital Transformation Manager at Maple Bear Brasil, Oscar leads the Service Innovation pillar encompassing all its customers – from student to secretary. He is graduated in Computer Science at UFSCar with Master`s in Business Administration at Fundação Dom Cabral and has 11 years of experience in agile project management, product development and operations management.

Paula Heleno | Marketing Manager

More than 10 years of experience in the areas of Branding, Digital Marketing and Content. MBA in Digital Media and Business Intelligence from ESPM. Postgraduate in Marketing Management by SENAC.
She worked in the technology and innovation segments, with more than 5 years in the education area. She is also a guest speaker at SENAC’s postgraduate and graduate courses in Marketing.

Patti Rodger | Director of Training and Quality Assuranceor

Patti Rodger, B.Ed., M. Ed., spent 30 years as an educator and administrator in the Saskatchewan education system. She was a classroom teacher, a special educator and finally a principal for over 19 years.

Phyllis Hildebrandt | Academic Director, Maple Bear Latin America

Academic Director for Maple Bear Brazil. From Manitoba with over 30 years experience. Master’s in Education and is currently completing her PhD in Literacy Leadership. Holder of a School Clinician’s Certificate Professional Teaching Certificate and Administrator’s Certificate.

Rafael Mangini | Marketing Director, Maple Bear Latam

Holds a degree in Marketing and Advertising from Universidade Paulista, an MBA in Business Administration from Birmingham City University and a Masters in Communication and Media from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He has approximately 20 years of experience in Marketing and Communications management.

Richard Debre | Academic Advisor

Richard Debre is enthusiastic about education. Graduated in pedagogy, Richard has experience as a teacher in the classroom as well as a school headmaster. He believes that education is the vehicle and tool to promote transformation as well as self-actualization. He has worked from Early Childhood to High School, being a teacher himself for Drama, Emotional Intelligence and Career Studies. Specialist in bilingual education from PUC-SP and University of Winnipeg, Debre has developed Portuguese Language Arts Programs bringing the best of the Canadian methodology to our first language curriculum. Nowadays he is the Executive Director for Maple Bear Mogi das Cruzes and the Academic Director for Maple Bear Botafogo, positions he performs along with his team in a shared leadership perspective once he is also working as an Academic Advisor for Maple Bear LATAM.

Rodrigo Barbelli | Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager and has been with Maple Bear for 10 years, dedicating himself to strengthening and reaching the brand. Maple Bear is his second home and, as the parent of a Maple Bear student, he cares about delivering exactly what a family expects to find in the world’s largest network of bilingual schools.He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, an MBA in Communication and Marketing Management (USP), a Specialist in Return on Investments in Marketing (USP) and Exponential Business Administration (StartSe University and Nova School of Business and Economics).

Rodney Briggs | Chairman, Maple Bear Global Schools

A graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Masters in Political Science, Rodney served as a Canadian diplomat from 1981 to 1996 with postings to Canada’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, the Kingdom of Thailand, the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea. In 1996, he joined the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada as the Vice-President responsible for the Canadian Education Centre Network project. Rodney led the CEC Network as a non-profit and was responsible for expanding the centres from three in the Asia-Pacific to 17 countries around the world. With this experience, the Maple Bear education system was born and developed by Rodney. As President of Maple Bear Global Schools, he travelled extensively, expanding Maple Bear’s global footprint to over twenty countries. In March 2021, Rodney retired from his operating role as President & CEO of Maple Bear Global Schools and remains active as Board Chair and shareholder in the company.

Silvia Lima | Implementation Coordinator

Silvia Lima, Implementation Coordinator, Graduated in Advertising and Commercial Management, MBA in School Management and studying postgraduate studies in bilingual practices.
Acting for 24 years in franchising to support new Owners.

Thamila Zaher | Executive Director, Grupo SEB

Executive director of Grupo SEB since 2011, Thamila Zaher holds a degree in Business Administration and Law from Centro Universitário Uniseb and a postgraduate student at FGV in an MBA in Strategic and Economic Business Management. In her curriculum, she also has a stint at the American University of Harvard, where he participated in the Open City Labs International Project, created in partnership by researchers from Harvard and MIT to disseminate the Free Turnstile. Thamila is also co-author of the book entitled Tributary Law and Education, by MP Editora.

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